Experience a Session

In the first part of the hour we talk about what is going on in the client’s life, physically and emotionally. We will look at the previous session’s evaluation of the client’s health to determine whether the symptoms are better, worse, completely resolved, or if there are new developments. We note the various symptoms and rate their severity on a scale of 1 to 10.

When I think I have covered all the necessary issues, I invite the client to relax, either lying on the treatment table, or sitting in a chair, whichever way is most comfortable. I go quiet as I enter an intuitive mental state. I begin to ask to receive information about the client’s current situation. I observe what catches my attention, and take note. Usually in this phase I am silent, though at times I might ask some questions to have a better understanding. If the client spontaneously wants to offer more information, it is always welcome – often it is key.

When I have understood enough of the initial situation, I ask the client’s body-mind what is ready to improve, to heal, and I will write a second series of impressions in the chart. At this point I seek the ‘focus’ of the session, generally expressed as a single phrase that synthesizes the session that is about to take place, and I begin the actual treatment.

Using a protocol or ‘Health Map’ I begin asking what specific aspects of the body-mind I have before me are ready to shift into a better balance. I use a kinesiology technique to test the resistance of my own fingers as I ask a series of questions, guided by the protocol. I obtain a series of techniques or situations needing to be treated, usually in groups of 2 or 3 items at a time. Once we have established the series of aspects to treat, I tap briefly over the client’s head and heart. It is purely energetic tapping, with no physical contact at all, hence totally non-invasive. Sometimes it is helpful to take some deep breaths, or take a short pause before tapping some more.

At some point there will be no more items ready to shift, and the treatment is over. I always ask whether a follow-up session is required, and when. Still in the intuitive state, I note my observations of the situation post-session. I ask the client his impressions, and explain what has been done, and what has changed. I will ask if there is any ‘homework’, whether a follow-up session is indicated, and when.

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