Teaching testimonial:
I had the pleasure of meeting Gay during some courses we took together as students, even though she was considerably further ahead in her studies and her therapeutic work than I. What I noticed most about her, besides her vast knowledge and broad general culture, is her natural propensity for teaching. Not all have this gift. She knows how to transmit even difficult concepts with incredible naturalness, rendering them comprehensible to anyone. Her method is based on simplicity; she is always very helpful, kind, and humble. Thanks to her I was able to learn difficult material while letting my imagination loose, and have the courage to do things that would have seemed bizarre. All of this has given  me great enthusiasm, for what she transmits also makes one feel so much better.
Federica Sacchi

A.L.:  I suffer from a frozen right shoulder (periarthritis), causing pain in my right shoulder and upper arm. I had a session with Gay, and she immediately said the problem might be linked to my taking on excessive feelings of responsibility, which she visualized as being like a cage around my shoulder that was impeding rather than helping movement and function.

As soon as Gay started working on me I felt warmth and energy begin to spread and flow from the shoulder into my arm, and slowly I felt the use of my arm return where it had been blocked until then. I felt much lighter – and now I am fine. Thank you so much for everything, from the bottom of my heart.

M.F.: Hi Gay! An update on how I am: I feel calmer and more serene, even if on my right ankle and left elbow the skin problem is worse, as you had predicted.  Furthermore, as of yesterday I have a sharp pain in my right shoulder muscles.  Do you think it’s all connected? Regards, talk soon, M

P.G.: A client who came originally for her son came for her follow-up saying she didn’t have the money to continue, but I told her, “Let’s see what happens in the session.” As we went over her various symptoms she realized that:

  • she is no longer confused;
  • she still has a million things going at once, but they are producing some success: she has several different projects that are working well;
  • her shoulder pain is gone, and
  • the headaches are much better.
  • She has more energy and will to do things, and
  • is losing weight at the same time.
  • Her hearing is improved; Her complaint was that she had too many pots on the stove at once and is afraid of having trouble keeping everything in control, today’s session was about efficiency, making it so that she can keep everything running with minimal effort.

A.F. originally came to me for help coping with the stress of her sister’s surgery and chemotherapy. Physically, she complained that the top and bottom halves of her body did not seem congruent, the lower half seeming heavier, her calves and ankles thicker as if the circulation weren’t as good.

She came to me only for a few sessions. The third session she felt and looked so well that we both knew that her work was done, at least for now. But relationships within her family had completely transformed. The brother and sister, previously estranged, became close again, and the brother began to behave like a supportive older brother. Her marriage has become deeper and richer, and she reports that their lovemaking is more total than ever, involving the whole body.

Physically her legs and hips no longer seem swollen, and are in harmony with her upper body. She seems to be taller because of the way she carries herself, with her neck long like a ballerina’s, moving with poise and grace. Her inner light illuminates all she meets. This is what she writes:

“How I met Gay:

Last Fall, they discovered my sister E. had bowel cancer. They caught it quite early and operated on her right away, and then she had heavy chemotherapy for seven months. It was traumatic, not only for her, but for all of us closest to her.

I believed that it could be very useful for her to have some sort of energetic support, in parallel with the conventional medical therapies. I believe that when an illness arises there must exist a deep rift between our deepest selves, and the selves that we are and live in day-to-day life. I think there must be a kind of chaos, an upset in the fundamental order.

I asked a dear friend and colleague for help, and she gave me Gay’s number. I trusted Gay instinctively, the moment I spoke to her on the telephone (she was in America). We began working together to help E. (I served as a channel for my sister, as she as yet knew nothing of my plan to help her, and later on, when I told her about it, she didn’t feel up to coming in person, preferring to continue the work through me).

If I can define Gay’s work – not easy, as words have their limits – it is as if she went into a different, parallel  dimension, where it is possible to interact with our deepest selves. It is as if a door opened, a space where the soul reveals itself naked and true, and here it communicates, listens, sees, and understands what path to take. It is a dimension in a different time. I myself did some work for myself with Gay, and was very happy. Emotions come out, energies that have lain dormant for years, not always pleasurable, but true and authentic, and afterward everything flows.

It is as if things put themselves in order despite us, rather, in spite of our minds and our firmly rooted opinions of ourselves and our lives. Another thing I noticed and experienced is the great, exceptional synchronicity of events, encounters, experiences: the grand mosaic of life fits itself back together. And this gives the sensation that we are on the right path. I can only define Gay’s as working on change, and order. It is, in any case, an extremely beautiful and interesting kind of work.

Best wishes, A.

A month later: Hi Gay! Let me bring you up to date a bit on E… She feels pretty well. She is now back at work, re-inserted extremely well. Soon, after the middle of the month, she’ll have the various tests done, and is understandably apprehensive. I’ll let you know – in a month she should have all the exam results back… Hugs, A.

And another month later: Hi Gay! Another update on E. She did a lung x-ray, abdominal sonogram and complete blood panel. Everything went fine, the blood test numbers perfect, transaminase, hematocrit, tumor markers…. She – and all of us – are all really happy, and at this point in the next few days she’ll meet with the department head, who will tell her when the next tests will be.  Hug, A.

Upon her return to work, E. was faced with considerable challenges in her relationships at work. After her long absence, her co-workers did not know how to relate with a person who had survived cancer and come back transformed. The last session we did was on lessening the distance between her and her peers, to make them feel less anxious about her having changed so deeply and worked a miracle.

M.K.: What changed for me after the session in October was my ability to handle criticism. Before it had felt like a sliver of glass in the heart. Very difficult to endure. Now I feel much less concerned by it. What other people think of me not so important. Remember the image of the little child with something broken in the heart? I think what broke her heart was unkind words. D. put her back together again. It really worked – the change is visible. At work especially.


Breast pain for more than a month, bilateral, laterally, even after having stopped using an underwire bra. After treatment, which included a bit of lymphatic drainage at a distance, the breasts are no longer hard nor sore.


Depression, general apathy; both physical and economic health are good, but he states that if he goes into his house he risks never coming out again.

After 1 session, he is much calmer.

L.: Speaking of fortunate coincidences, M., G. and G.’s mother had asked me to help their violin professor get a tenured position at the school. It was a huge to-do, as while he was qualified and a wonderful teacher much beloved by the students, things were stacked against him at the state level. M. collected some 600 signatures, and sent them to the school administration in floods of 200 at a time. She brought the local administration to its knees, but the state mechanism seemed impossible to influence. That’s when she called me. This was several months ago, and I didn’t hear back until yesterday. He got the job, against all odds, by a completely unexpected fluke. I remember that in the end, it was no longer about a particular job, but about this teacher’s whole career, zooming out to the bigger picture. So who knows? I am just happy it worked out.


Dear Gay,

I felt rather intense pain in the middle of my back just after the session on Friday, but it didn’t last very long, but I nearly had to sit down. (Didn’t, though, since I was fixing the kids something to eat.) You remember I had an intense urge to stretch my back during our session? The pain was in the same location. Generally I’ve been in much better mood (more relaxed) since then.

[A month later:] “I’ve been behaving very much out of character lately: last week I had a couple of situations where I would have normally felt very stressed out. One of themselves was even a situation in which I would’ve normally become very agitated and felt necessary to argue/provide counter-arguments. Now I just basically sat for over two hours listening to one of my staff members being very upset and saying all kinds of unreasonable things. I didn’t budge: I didn’t get upset, angry, stressed or anything of the sort (didn’t feel anything negative stir in me like I normally would have felt). I was calm itself. Very much unlike me. I was very pleased and happy about myself afterwards, as well as amazed to tell you the truth. I told my boss of the incident later and described my behavior. She laughed and said that perhaps she should start worrying about me next since it is always said that when someone’s behavior changes suddenly it’s cause for concern. Anyway, if I can continue to be equally zen in these types of situations, I won’t experience any work-related stress!”


Dear Gay,

I have been experiencing some internal shifts that I’m excited about. It started with some study of my enneagram type (9w1) which allowed me to see how I deny /repress my own anger, and how this blocks this helpful energy. (My thought was that this was the greater energy your work helped unlock for me.) I’m hoping that I can begin allowing that awareness to change my habitual responses a little. Second, I’ve begun some grounding meditations, which have allowed me to feel my lower chakra energies in my body much better during meditation. I’m very excited about this as well. We’ll just have to wait and see how this allows transformation in my work life!


An exchange of messages after we did a session for the tendentially depressed mother of my client:

  • Hi gay, thanks for today, she has written to me very sweetly, I do feel her spirit lifted but I will let you know how it progresses.
  • Well, that was fast! Let’s see what transpires… Great! Did you tell her anything?
  • No, I want to wait and see hehe I will tell her later
  • So she wrote spontaneously? Is that usual for her?
  • Yes she writes often not everyday, so it’s not completely unusual but I can feel she is in a good mood today

R.S.: This was a nice example. A young woman in her 20s gets in an accident on her scooter when a car runs a stop, falling hard on her rear. She starts to suffer from headaches, sciatica, general weakness of her back, anxiety. 20 years later, she has a host of further problems stemming from a terribly stressful work situation, but her session with me has only 2 things:

Change (she had to give herself permission to put down everything she’s been carrying for other people), and Unwind: the SB joint, still jammed after all this time, releasing also the fear and anger she felt but couldn’t express at the moment of the accident. She laughs the whole time I have her repeat, ‘I give myself permission to put down this junk’, and has a powerful emotional release after we unwind the SB and she can cry.

After the session she is bright-eyed, stands considerably taller and lighter. Her homework is to repeat 3 times daily, or whenever it occurs to her, ‘That junk there belongs to someone else. I am not going to pick it up!’

J.T.: I have been suffering from an acute left shoulder and neck injury over the past two years- the result of overplaying on the violin. As a professional musician, this injury was crippling, as it severely limited the amount I could play and perform on a daily basis. I sought help from sports/music injury specialists, doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors, and although they could provide physical relief, it was never more than a temporary fix. However, when Gay did her first session of BodyTalk on me, I felt an immediate change within my body. It was as if I could feel my shoulder and neck shifting themselves back into their proper positions, and for the first time in two years, I was able to play and perform all day long without any feelings of fatigue or pain. I would highly recommend a session for anyone who is hoping to recover from an injury!

S.N.: Gay, I woke up today and got up the way I used to be able to, without fear of pain or stiffness … All of that was gone, and I hope tomorrow will go just as well. Thank you.

L.F.: Thank you for last week’s fabulous session. It was wonderful to work with you, and I am recognizing clearly how Accunect works gradually and not only on a physical level, as you explained. You have a great talent for contacting people’s energy and awaking their innate healing capacity. I wanted to write you these lines so that you can use them as a testimonial as you choose:

“During my first Accunect session with Gay, she was able to pick out the key themes of my health with which I had been struggling for years, including a piercing pain my lower back. After a single session this pain in my back disappeared! Through Accunect I experienced healing at both a physical and emotional level, bringing new clarity to my life. Thank you! This is a marvelously profound and yet simple healing technique.”