Accunect taster sessions:

Come experience a mini-session of Accunect – just to see what it’s all about! Next appointment at the street fair in Coverciano, Thursday 15 June 2017

Accunect Courses

Introductory course:

  • Accunect SelfCare: a half-day introduction to Accunect principles, taught locally in Florence and other cities locally. Upcoming appointments listed here:

Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area in July: East Bay this time.

Base-level courses:

  • Accunect Connect

    • Basic principles of Accunect covered in a two-and-a-half-day seminar. This course is offered periodically in translation in Italy.
    • Current course offerings world-wide HERE:


  • Accunect Ancient Wisdom

    • Introduction to the theory and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine permitting practical application in just 3 days.
    • Current course offerings world-wide HERE:
  • Your 5 Faces of God (audio course)

    • Since poorly-expressed emotion is at the root of disease, it is useful to have a better understanding of the role of emotions in our spiritual growth: 7 lectures on the emotions from a Taoist perspective, in MP3 format.
    • Download the whole lecture series HERE:

Advanced course:

  • Accunect Zoom

    • Advanced principles of Accunect, integrating the Connect course, presented in a 3-day seminar:
    • Current course offerings world-wide HERE: