So who am I?

I come from a family of teachers and scientists: both parents are physicists, nuclear physicists. They also represent East and West, my mother Chinese, my father American. Of course with all that high-powered science in our family, my sister and I had to go into humanities: she became a cellist, and I went ahead and got a Ph.D. in Medieval Italian Literature.

I come to Accunect through my own personal health issues. I have Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed in 1993. Being a daughter of Science, I first gave myself totally to state-of-the-art Western medical treatments, the best available. But my condition kept getting worse. In spite of 9 shots a week and multiple advanced therapies, I was still ending up in the hospital 4 and 5 times a year on intravenous cortisone. My doctors were quite at their wits’ end.

I have to thank my son Francesco for forcing me to find a different way to live. I had finished my doctorate, and was wondering what to do next, when I discovered I was pregnant. Of course while pregnant I had to stop all the medications. I ended up taking a sharp left turn into alternative medicine. I began listening to my body, became determined to heal from my disease. I changed what I ate, how I lived, how I thought, my priorities. I experimented with a lot of different alternative therapies, began practicing energy medicine. My condition stabilized. I never did resume the medications.

But it wasn’t until I encountered Accunect, and began the training program to teach this course, that things really began to shift. My health began to improve, steadily, week by week. My understanding of health itself changed: more than just my body, I had to heal my life, on all planes, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. More and more clearly I saw that I have a path, a purpose. And my life began to heal.

It has been rather tumultuous, and at times it has seemed that everything is moving at once, on all levels – and I am not done yet! But I can see where I am going, the fact that I am going, becoming ever more myself. Through this work I am discovering who I am, discovering love, learning to love myself, in the deepest sense. And I have discovered my mission as a healer: I help others heal their lives, as I heal my own.

The responsibility is huge, and the honor. I am so glad to be here today, helping you all BE ever more who you truly are.