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We offer various courses on healing, intuition, and spirituality.


Accunect Healing Courses

Accunect Connect

Accunect Connect is the first course required to become an Accunect practitioner. Even though it is only a weekend course, you will be able to perform powerful healing sessions right away.

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Accunect SelfCare

Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Medicine immediately applicable in an experiential half-day course. 

Now available either in person or as a tele-seminar over Zoom.

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Wean Yourself Well Biological Autoimmune Reset

To heal anything, you need energy and nutrients. You get both of these from your food. But if your digestive system isn’t working, then you can’t absorb the energy and nutrients properly. Rebuilding your microbiome is essential to healing your intestine so that you can efficiently absorb the nutrients from your food.

This course will teach you a totally natural, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical way to reset your immune system by rebuilding it from scratch, the way you did the first time when you were a baby.

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Zen Energy Disciplines


Zen Naikan

Personalised training course in meditation and techniques derived from the teaching of the Zen Rinzai tradition codified by master Hakuin Ekaku (1686 – 1769) and organised following a Western didactic style.

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Long Life Yoga

Inspired by ancient Indian, Tibetan and Chinese energy practices, Long Life Yoga combines physical, energetic, and contemplative trainings for lifelong health and strength.

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Intuition Training


The Blue Scheme

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Intuition is the GPS of the soul. Turn it in when you need it, in seconds, and use it for whatever you like. You can switch on the mind’s creative and intuitive capacities at will – all you need is to have the right tools.

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