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Some of our Success Stories


A Case of Glaucoma

Here a lovely trilingual (French, Italian and English) testimonial from Lucien, my son Francesco’s third grade teacher at the Lycée Française Victor Hugo of Florence. Lucien’s glaucoma had gotten so bad that he was forced to leave his job because he could not see the school door. After three sessions he was able to work again. Merci, Lucien!

To contact the author: FB Messenger to Lucien Lucien Mihin

A Case of Glaucoma

Here a lovely trilingual (French, Italian and English) testimonial from Lucien, my son Francesco’s third grade teacher at the Lycée Française Victor Hugo of Florence. Lucien’s glaucoma had gotten so bad that he was forced to leave his job because he could not see the school door. After three sessions he was able to work again. Merci, Lucien!

To contact the author: FB Messenger to Lucien Lucien Mihin

Happily Ever After

From L.B., 34, PR

This is a story from a typical client, who came to us originally for his problems with anxiety and other emotional and psychological questions. Over several weeks he worked with Leonardo on many questions, from meditation to handling his extremely sensitive intuition, to his troubles at work. After he had done considerable work refining his relationship with his own intuitive capacities, and found the courage to leave his energy- and the life-sapping day job.

Things were looking up! And then the problem of his total lack of romantic relationships came up. Here his progress was thrilling. In a few weeks, he went from a relationship desert to something non-zero but still not ideal, to a wonderful, 360-degree love relationship. This is what L., PR, 34 y/o has to say:

“I am a 30-something male, and I had already been working with Leonardo on several personal situations of mine, practising meditation, when we started exploring other psychological and existential questions together. Some of the issues we worked on were my extreme sensitivity, as well as my awful day job and all the problems stemming from it. I ended up leaving that job a few months later, following the dictates of my heart.

My heart, yes. My sentimental situation had been terrible for years. I began working on relationship questions at first with Leonardo, then with Grace, and the two of them together. We did some treatments to give my very sensitive intuition a more helpful direction with regard to my sentimental life – and my situation began to change radically, right from the start.

Over a very few weeks, I went from having zero relationships, even though there was no apparent reason why things should be so sterile, to having a few relationships – of ever-better quality from various points of view, though not real love stories, and certainly not the right ones … until this incredible love-story, marvelous from all points of view: natural, spontaneous, perfect from the very first instant. I was ready … we were both ready. And it continues to be wonderful, truly wonderful.

One day I called them all excited, glowing with joy because I had found a girl ( J., Violinist, 31 y/o) on Tinder, who besides being really, really beautiful, had struck me with this very unusual and immediate attraction. And my interest was reciprocated! The very first time we met, I had already decided I wanted to move in with her, and she agreed, and that is just what happened, shortly thereafter… I wanted to introduce her to who helped me as soon as I could, and it was as if we’d always known each other. She could be Grace’ younger sister, given her Asian origins and her passion for music. And whenever they have the chance, they play music together. 

Thinking back on all this, which is much more wonderful and beautiful and joyful and incredible than I can express here, we realized that Tinder’s algorithm should never have permitted us to meet, given how far apart we lived geographically. A sign? Proof of our creative powers of manifestation? Who knows…maybe it isn’t that important, but for fun, I have thanked that app a million times.

Generally speaking, what strikes me is that in life, more often than we imagine, the quality of our relationships is certainly not the best, nor what we would truly like in our heart of hearts. This can be a source of suffering that repeats itself. All of this must be resolved somehow, and the ‘traditional methods’ do not have the depth of vision to be able to understand what are the real deep causes of all this.

The causes can be of various kinds, difficult to see and trace even by the person himself, who usually has little idea of what is going on. For this reason, it is very important to find someone (like Leonardo and Grace) with the tools to treat all the necessary aspects and do it harmoniously and without forcing anything. When you work with them, they listen to you, support you in the kindest, gentlest way — and yet somehow you find yourself changing how you think, and how you behave – and suddenly your life is totally transformed!”.

A Tumor Healed by Life (Padre Pio and me)

My father was always a tormented, difficult man, of a chronic intelligence which did him no good, especially since it was allied with the hysteria typical of the people of Romagna. It was no coincidence then when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which from a psychosomatic point of view signifies, “inability to ask for love”. When palpating him, Dr. Bonfiglioli, an fine and honest family doctor, realized that something was wrong. The tests began, leading to their implacable outcome: pancreatic cancer, widespread, with fatal results predicted in three to six months.

Two 4-centimeter masses suggested that my father would soon turn yellow from jaundice caused by the blockage of the cholecystic duct. At that point the only thing to do would be to sedate him and wait for death. The excellent gastroenterologist Pierpaolo Dal Monte, my longtime friend, a wise and far-sighted man, advised me not to have his pancreas removed for any reason. This option is implemented by the new generation of doctors who consider a dying person’s last months “useless”. These doctors calculate that they will probably be able to keep him alive for six months after operating, and even if the patient suffers excruciating pain, requiring sedation and all kinds of humiliation, they will make it so that the operation may be defined as “excellently successful:” because the poor man survived exactly six months and a day. The extra payment for doing the surgery is a bonus.

Of course nobody cares that there may be other possibilities, given that they are not “credible” from a theoretical point of view. In the past, these would have been the treatments not approved by Galen; now they are those lacking the accompaniment of various peer reviews, as required by today’s scientist superstitions. After all – srill in reference to science – the excellent physicist David Bohm asserts, “in physics, for something new to happen, an entire generation of physicists must die”. My father was starting to have more and more trouble with his digestion, but didn’t want to be hospitalized. I knew he would rather die naturally, not hooked up to a bunch of tubes. He asked me without hesitation: “Leonardo, tell me what to do and I will do it.

I will follow your advice exactly. I have faith in your honesty, in your kind of therapy, and in your intelligence: a true Anfolsi”. That’s how he spoke to me. Once he even equated me with a “modern Marsilio Ficino”. My mother, on the other hand, did not listen to me, and ended up in the clutches of the reductionist doctors who made her one of their typical perennial patients, for whom the precautions are innumerable, but the attention regarding differences and specificities almost zero. Protocols, they call them, like those of the ambassadors. The problem is that my mother, incomprehensibly, despite her kindness, her generosity and likeability, never learned to communicate with others and to understand issues by first understanding who really is talking to you, and only then listening to what he or she is trying to tell you / make you believe. By now elderly, she refused to listen to our advice, though my sister and I were well aware of her unstable state of mind / character. She decided to follow the conventional medicine route that prescribes treatments and operations “to avoid further problems”.

Unfortunately, the utility of each procedure is generally decided by comparing all patients to the average American idiot who has been drugged into obese passivity. After undergoing total anesthesia, as I had feared, she lost a good part of her wits. But to a specialised physician, these are secondary factors, as long as the protocol is respected. For my part, I made her laugh and have fun all day, even when I took her to the emergency room when her hands were bleeding. This is what happens to all those fools who get drawn into the delicate dance to balance anticoagulants and chronic disease. The point is that they never heal completely, but are ‘maintained’ as the perfect consumer for the pharmaceutical companies.

I invented a horror movie in which she starred as a kind of Dracula, and I had to escape from her deadly clutches: “Woman, your hands are stained with innocent blood!”. And she laughed: “Hurry, before the sun comes up again!” And she laughed … Returning to my father, one day we were chatting after lunch about religion and saints. I made fun of him: after being an atheist all his life as a hyperscientific materialist, he had converted to Catholicism, admitting that it was “out of fear”. “Dad, doesn’t that seem undignified to you? I mean, what’s the use of ‘repenting’ after living your whole life as a flagship of science, and of the freedom that scientific investigation – when well conducted – can give?” “Leonardo, believe me, I don’t care. I need to believe that ‘up there’ there is a hook I can latch onto so that I won’t be lost forever “. I must admit that before such ‘simplified’ thoughts, as a philosopher and a Buddhist I was embarrassed, but apparently being father to such a child did Renato good in the end, for more than once he pointed out to me that his name contained a secret: that of rebirth. Leonardo and his Father “After all,” I thought, “perhaps what St. Paul said is true: ‘Faith is the foundation of the things that are hoped for, and proof of those that are not seen.’” I admitted this possibility, despite considering the word “Pauline” more an insult than an indication of sincere spirituality. But then the miracle happened.

After this post-prandial discussion, I certainly approved of my father’s devotion to Padre Pio. Padre Pio is a saint considered in completely opposite ways by his followers and his detractors. To me he seemed simply to be a magician of the Elizabethan or Victorian period, who happened to be born in the most remote area of rural Campania. He was a kind of poor-man’s John Dee or Francis Barrett, who had drawn up and signed a blood pact with his Guardian Angel. This pact would be extinguished in old age, suddenly, as also happened to the aforementioned magicians, at first giving power and healing, but also torment, as often happens to many initiates of theurgic ritual magic.

An anthropological case, in short, that of Padre Pio, a life that bore a load of humanity and sincerity, a testimony of great spiritual significance, which in my opinion is not affected by the hysteria of the man or the context, but which is also a familial matter. In fact my maternal grandfather was very devoted to him, despite my father’s derision. Indeed he had received two missals from the friar, with a beautiful inscription by Pope Pius XII. I quote from memory: “May the priesthood of Melchizedek be perpetuated”.

At one point, my father fell asleep in his bedroom chair, with his chin resting on his chest. For days I had prayed for him, begging that I be given the right to heal him, if it was right. My prayer was granted right then, as I sat before him in his half-slumber. A gust of wind came from my back: I could describe it as “a cone of divine wind” with its base in my back (or who knows where), and its apex on my father. An instant after that first impact, he started in his chair. That wind lasted about twenty seconds, during which I felt ecstasy, and the certainty that something enormous was being accomplished. Seeing him jump, I asked him, “What happened?” “I feel hot,” he replied. “Good,” I thought. “It’s gone”. “Rest now, I’m going to go. See you soon, Dad.” A few weeks later an ultrasound showed that the tumors were halved in size. Dr. Dal Monte chuckled happily and a little touched. He told me, “Listen: don’t change a winning team. Keep doing what you’re doing, and let’s play it by ear. I’m happy for you!” After ten years – that’s how obsessive we were in our analysis of this miracle of life – another ultrasound showed that the masses had disappeared. After the striking effect of “my” energetic intervention on my father, I decided to help him with a homeopathic treatment. Insensitive and thick-skinned his whole life, I noticed how with age his skin was getting creased and cracked. Since I was very active elsewhere at the time, I had to find him a solution to encourage him to continue his softening. I introduced him to an elderly homeopathic doctor, Alberto Del Conte, with whom we shared pleasant convivialities. Del Conte, a doctor of proven ability, gave him the perfect cure for his case, based on Arsenicum. He reassured me that pancreatic cancer patients always receive great and unexpected benefit from that remedy.

His fifty-year experience as an acupuncturist and homeopath was legendary, and I understood that he often used irony to create reactions in his patients to diagnose their state, following the psychological descriptions given by Chinese medicine regarding the various “Organ Functions”. My father, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at eighty-one years of age, then completely cured by a miracle of life, finally died at the age of one hundred – yes, 100 years old – maintaining his good health until then. A few weeks before his death, he devoured a huge bar of chocolate whole, without any visible effect. We caught him later smiling, after he had made all the evidence of his crime disappear, with a sly, satisfied expression.

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Repetitive Strain Injury 

J.T., 33, Violinist.

I have been suffering from an acute left shoulder and neck injury over the past two years- the result of overplaying on the violin. As a professional musician, this injury was crippling, as it severely limited the amount I could play and perform on a daily basis. I sought help from sports/music injury specialists, doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors, and although they could provide physical relief, it was never more than a temporary fix. However, when Grace did her first session on me, I felt an immediate change within my body. It was as if I could feel my shoulder and neck shifting themselves back into their proper positions, and for the first time in two years, I was able to play and perform all day long without any feelings of fatigue or pain. I would highly recommend a session for anyone who is hoping to recover from an injury!

A Thyroid Nodule Disappears

A couple of years ago I met V., a 39 year-old woman who was a high-powered surgeon’s assistant, married to a man who however felt inferior, having less education than his wife and a less-prestigious job. When I met her, she was quite tired, as she was eight months pregnant and still working. The husband tended to bluster and make noise, letting his wife take total care of their young son, even picking up toys from the floor, while he drank beer and smoked in front of the TV. I was getting irritated just watching the scene, and wondered what an effort it must be for her not to scold him, or at least speak up for herself. I was not surprised, then, to hear that they had discovered she had a 3-cm thyroid nodule. She now had a new baby as well as a very lively three-year-old boy, and while the husband was slightly more active in entertaining their first child, the mother was quite exhausted. They were quarreling often. She appeared pale, tired and stooped, complained that she was suffering from back pain, weekly headaches, and deafness in one ear. She said she couldn’t wait to go back to work. We did a session of Accunect in which we updated her thyroid function, and balanced nervous system and skeletal blood flow, among other things. throat ache After the session, she was standing up much straighter. A short while later she called to say that she had been in for another sonogram, and the nodule had disappeared. Excellent! I hope she learns to express her needs to her husband…

Spiderman Goes to School

A personal example: my son was 4 years old, in kindergarten. One morning he was playing Spiderman, suspending himself between two desks, but he slipped and split his chin open. The teachers called me in a panic. Luckily I was still just outside the school, so I came right back to find my son in the hall surrounded by a knot of adults, teachers and custodians. Some were trying to hold him still to ice his chin, disinfect it … screams, blood, commotion. Some were yelling, “Call an ambulance and take him to the hospital, he needs stitches here, there’s a piece of skin that is practically detached!” I took my child in my arms and immediately started doing the M/F Brain technique. He calmed down right away. In 2 minutes he stopped crying, in 5 the bleeding stopped, and after 10 minutes he asked to go back to class with just a small bandage on his chin. When I came back after school and asked him how he was doing, he didn’t even remember that he had hurt himself in the morning. The scar was visible for several months, a clean cut about a centimeter long, and you could even feel a bump on the bone underneath the skin, but he was spared the trauma of a trip to the hospital in an ambulance, and stitches, and spending the morning (at least) in the children’s hospital with all the other scared kids. The scar disappeared over the course of a few months, and three years later, at aged 7, there was no trace of what had happened. I noticed an interesting thing, though: my son had fallen some years earlier, too, when he was just starting to walk, and similarly split the skin above his eyebrow on the edge of the curb. However, that accident had happened before I had encountered these techniques, and that first scar continued to be visible for a much longer time, years after the Spider-Man scar had already become invisible.

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Frozen Shoulder

From A.L., Clairvoyant, 65:I suffered from a frozen right shoulder (periarthritis), causing pain in my right shoulder and upper arm. I had a session with Grace, and she immediately said the problem might be linked to my taking on excessive feelings of responsibility, which she visualized as being like a cage around my shoulder that was impeding rather than helping movement and function. As soon as Grace started working on me I felt warmth and energy begin to spread and flow from the shoulder into my arm, and slowly I felt the use of my arm return where it had been blocked until then. I felt much lighter – and now I am fine. Thank you so much for everything, from the bottom of my heart.

A Useless Pacemaker

From V.P., retired school administrator, 63.

I had been following with interest what Reiyō wrote in his books and in his online interventions on Zen, meditation, enlightenment and his personal experiences for some time. Reiyō is his dharma name, as mine is Bansō, and in common we have always had the gift of healing, a commitment that for a good period was the activity I loved most, for the benefit of all. Let’s say that there was a job as a clerk to live on and then my activity as a healer and teacher of holistic disciplines. I must say that for competence and ability I have never met anyone like Grace and Reiyō, and to tell what I was able to achieve thanks to Reiyō I have to tell my story. One fine day – after a series of tremendous vicissitudes – I found myself ill with the same ailment as my father, and the doctors proposed the same solution: to have a pacemaker installed. It is fair to consider this, that my father, thanks to this “trick”, lived to be over ninety, and that I probably will be able to achieve the same result or better, given that I am more attentive to my psychological well-being and diet. I had already experienced a “miraculous” healing before, with the techniques I knew, but this time, dealing with the heart, I had some doubts, self-limiting thoughts which prompted me to follow the doctors’ instructions. “Basically,” I told myself, “these experts are giving me a little help. It won’t change my life that much, and should come into function right when, and if, needed. So it is right that I humbly open myself to this help backed by conventional medical experience with the same humility with which I have helped conventional doctors who were unable to heal people with their medicines in the past.” I had the pacemaker put in as a “preventive” measure, but after several years, a “technical problem” began to appear. Luckily it was in the middle of a healing process thanks I had begun with Reiyō and his partner Grace: the doctors found that there was an infection and feared that it involved the electrical terminals that reached the heart. Shortly before this, Reiyō had noted, “nothing about you reminds me of a heart patient”; a sentence that made me jump. All this, including the possible choices that lay ahead, brought to the fore one fact, namely that a higher level of initiation in my path as a healer awaited me in the victory against the need for the pacemaker. To clarify: Reiyō has never encouraged me to remove the pacemaker or asked me to do so, and has always waited for me to arrive at the intuition on my own about what to do, taking responsibility for my choices, asking me to ask the doctors what the pros and cons were. I remember when he paused and asked me, “Have you considered all sides of the matter? Neither I nor the doctors will be able to choose for you. Remember, it’s your body, not ours.” Then he told me: “a heart patient doesn’t laugh as you do,” and he told me about other cases where a medical diagnosis that sounded definitive had instead only been the snapshot of a difficult moment in someone’s life. The chance to remove the pacemaker, which had been installed incorrectly after having its battery changed, was the circumstance that triggered in me the question of whether or not to accept this challenge. The wires that reached the heart had to be removed anyway and, before it could be reinstalled, some time had to pass, enough time for me to think. Without a pacemaker, the medical tests gave ambiguous results, so I began to question how strong the influence of my mind must be; certainly, the doctors would have advised me to reinstall the pacemaker, just to be safe. Meanwhile, Reiyō asked me: “Don’t you have an infected tooth?” and when I told him I had an abscess he jumped on his chair and said, “I bet you didn’t tell the doctors: tell them right away!” Even the doctors were surprised and looked at each other; I still wonder if that wasn’t the situation that triggered all the antibiotic treatment and the removal of the pacemaker. I remember Reiyō wondering – talking to himself as he often does – if there could be something like a hidden angina that had gone unnoticed, but he didn’t detect anything. Protagonist of the story Meanwhile, I suffered a urinary blockage while I was in the hospital, due to a badly implanted catheter. Reiyō acted remotely on the infection, as well as on the one from changing the pacemaker battery and reinstalling it … plus a bunch of other issues that I had been dragging on for some time. Already from our first sessions, which improved my joints and my “wind” under stress, he had been asking me if it was possible to gradually eliminate the whole set of diuretic medicines I was taking to regulate pressure and blood fluidity, leaving me with only one. But first, he asked me to ask my doctors about it, without telling them anything about our plan. They agreed with the choice, just as Reiyo had said. However, it happened that – despite the exams – I began to get better and better, day after day. This is why he told me to ask the doctors what the real statistics on negative incidents was – should I ask for complete removal of the pacemaker – in the case of apparent well-being (both emotional and functional) but negative tests, or tests that improve or fluctuate. Often Reiyō asks people, “How are you?” while everyone thinks they have to repeat what is written in the medical reports. He believes that it is useful to have the opinion of doctors, but that it is even more important to listen to yourself. He always wants to have the benefit of people’s sense of humour. I remember what he said to me: “whoever whines about his ailments is destined for further illnesses; if I could laugh while I was going in and out of the coma, without knowing if I was dead or alive, then those with a less deadly disease can laugh too. This is where we start to heal.” Finally, I asked him on what basis I would be able to heal, and what he was doing. “You – like about 4% of humanity – depend on your kundalini power, inflating and deflating what the Indians call “Ojas” – which is a reservoir of staminal power, similar to what the Chinese call Jing. Therefore much of your care will focus on the endocrine glands”. “And why not on the chakras?” I asked curiously. “The endocrine glands have a more subtle effect on us. You have to have courage and be curious to admit that something similar exists and that it has such an effect. Generally, everyone just notices that they suddenly age, but they don’t know why. Only with yoga techniques and meditation can you notice certain secretions behind the tongue. An effect on the chakras can be random, but when the endocrine secretions change, well, there we have obtained an important change that has already involved both the chakras – therefore prana and Apana – and the qi, as well as the nervous system.”

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Works On Animals, Too

Animals, like children, respond very well to energy treatments – perhaps because they have fewer mental hang-ups. A few years ago N. C. a client of mine that was a retired opera singer aged at 89 years old had a very old cat, 23-24 years old, reduced to skin and bone. She would come out of her basket by the fireside only to go drink water. She had a kind of skin cancer, so she was full of bleeding sores. She had stopped eating at all, and when she got up to go to her water-bowl, she left bloody paw prints on the floor. “Can you help my cat?” asks my client. “I don’t know,” I answer, “We can try and see.” I thought to myself, “Either I am supposed to help her cross over, or … I don’t know. We’ll see.” I do the session for the cat, who sleeps in her basket the whole time. It includes something about the astrological 12th house, as well as a technique for cellular repair. I think 12th house is the transition, she’s probably going to wander off into the bushes to die. A couple of weeks later when I ask my client about her cat, she answers, enthusiastically, “My cat? Oh, you won’t believe it! She’s a new cat!” She tells me how not only has the cat started eating normally again, but she goes out, climbs up on the roof, and even jumps from one roof to the next building, the way she used to, years earlier. After another couple of weeks, I go visit my client. The cat is there in her basket by the fire, poised like the Sphinx, wearing an expression of infinite wisdom. I think, “This is the expression of one who died and came back to life, and knows absolutely everything there is to know about life, about death, about the universe.” Looking more closely at her, I wondered, if they were going to invest in something as costly and delicate as a skin graft, why they hadn’t at least chosen the right donor species… ancient animal detail For where before there had been bloody sores there was now short, fine, jet-black velvet, like moleskin, as if a skilled surgeon had stitched in patches to cover the irregular patches where cancer had been. It took me a while to realize that this was not a cross-species skin-graft, but the miraculous re-growth of the cat’s fine black undercoat. When I saw her again a month later, there was no trace of sores or moleskin patchwork – the guard-hairs have grown in perfectly. My client was beside herself with joy, and still thanks me to this day. This experience taught me not to let my fears and beliefs prevent a miracle – in this case, the belief that cancer is “hard” or impossible to heal. here.

Aggressive Periodontitis

A client ( M., taxi driver, 49 y/o ) with “aggressive” periodontitis went back to see her dentist after 3 sessions with me and called me, excited: “HeyHeyHeyILoveYouILoveYouILoveYou!” (she is a very extroverted type, as you can see). She’s better! As soon as she opened her mouth the hygienist said, “No way, it’s not possible – but this is so much better!” Even the dentist said it was not possible, but had to admit it was true. And if she heals (which is impossible), then he wants to meet me and write an article in the journal of dental research. Then I will be worried about having the police, the priest and the exorcist all knocking at my door…

Heal Your Life

This case, like many, started out from a purely physical problem, but as we worked, we ended up touching all areas of my client’s life, including her marriage – keep reading!

D., social worker, 66 y/o, was referred to me for help on digestive issues. Working with her, I learned that it was not just her digestion that was topsy-turvy, but most of her life. Luckily she was married to a man whom she loved deeply, and thank goodness for that, or I do not know how they would have survived the troubles with health, family, work, home, you name it!

While she was quite close with her sisters and parents, the relations between her husband and the rest of her family were extremely tense, because of their very disparate political views. Because of this, my client had been sleeping on various sister’s couches by turns, while her husband was staying in a motel across the street, refusing to set foot in the house unless it was to help her move out. D. really had no physical space to call her own, but fled from couch to couch and house to house. This effective homelessness had been going on for more than a year.

The couple’s professional situation was also a disaster. The husband had been on disability 7 years for a back injury, during which time he had been depressed and angry. He spent all day drinking beer, taking Vicodin and swearing – with predictable effects on his health and social interactions. She, too, was on disability, as a result of a previous bout with cancer.

So that was our starting situation. Over the course of the work (about 6 months), my client’s entire life, and that of her husband and whole family, were transformed: After 2 sessions, the digestive issue cleared up almost entirely, reappearing only when all the sisters were together with their parents, a rare occasion anyway, but it was also much less severe. We did a session specifically on the husband’s back injury. He suddenly felt good enough to stop the Vicodin and apply for his old position – and was hired back again! He started working again as a carpenter/builder at the job he loved, expressing his native creativity. He stopped drinking, spontaneously started losing weight, and stopped fighting so much with his in-laws.My client got off disability and started working again too. Shortly thereafter, as we were about to start a follow-up session, my client told me that she and her husband had “fallen in love all over again” – and it was better than it had ever been before! The couple applied for permits to build a house in a piece of land they had bought years earlier, to dig a well, and start construction. They were so excited and happy and in love.A post-script: At the end of our period working together, my client said off-handedly, ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you – a few years back I had radiation therapy – do you think that might have anything to do with the digestive issues?’ Well, maybe, I thought – but it really doesn’t matter now, and I smiled, saying: “Yep, well, possibly!

”A post-post-script, at 1 year out, in my client’s own words: “Can you believe the house we’re building, Grace? One year ago we got our building permit, and we’ll be moving in in less than a month. Also, my husband and I have never been closer. I’ve lost 25 pounds, and I’m still just on oxygen at night. My lungs have been sustaining me beautifully — and thank you for that, by the way!! A lot of things are GOOD! Feels like I started my whole life over from the ground up. One year in a motel room and 6 months in a travel trailer with no running water — but we’ve been having a blast! […] I can’t say there haven’t been a few rough spots in the last year, but we’ve made huge strides as far as just knowing they’re learning experiences. I feel so lucky and grateful right now to be where I am and doing what I’m doing.”

What a change from being basically homeless, and in constant strife! This is the house the couple have been building together – you should see the shot of the inner structure of the roof, which has all the beauty of the husband’s creative genius, realised in a labour of love.

Accunect for Back Pain

From L.F., Doctoral Student, 30 y/o:

Thank you for last week’s fabulous session. It was wonderful to work with you, and I am recognizing clearly how Accunect works gradually and not only on a physical level, as you explained. You have a great talent for contacting people’s energy and awaking their innate healing capacity.I wanted to write you these lines so that you can use them as a testimonial as you choose:“During my first Accunect session with Grace, she was able to pick out the key themes of my health with which I had been struggling for years, including a piercing pain my lower back. After a single session, this pain in my back disappeared! Through Accunect I experienced healing at both a physical and emotional level, bringing new clarity to my life. Thank you! This is a marvelously profound and yet simple healing technique.”

When Life is Too Sweet: a dog with diabetes

The same client whose cat survived what everyone assumed to be a lethal cancer also had a dog who unexpectedly recovered from diabetes. Now I am not a veterinarian, so I don’t know the statistics for these phenomena, but I was impressed, so I thought I’d share the story. My client used to have many dogs, all rescued from the pound. When I began working with her, she had only 2, one of whom, Mela, though very friendly and outgoing, and wonderful with people was clearly the alpha dog. The other dog was painfully shy, perpetually afraid, and would hide trembling from any visitors. Her name was Piccola. Both dogs were physically extremely healthy, as my client was very careful about their diet and care, and not very old, so it was a huge shock when Mela unexpectedly was poisoned and died. I did treatments for all the surviving members of the family, for shock and grief, and quickly life settled into a new normal dynamic. The transformation in Piccola was heartwarming. She stopped cowering in her den, became much more friendly and trusting even with strangers, and clearly ecstatic at having her owner all to herself. Her owner showered her with affection, delighted to see her bloom so beautifully. All seemed idyllic. two dogs A few weeks later I receive a call from my client: they have discovered that Piccola is diabetic, needs insulin and close medical attention. I work on her, and in the session am led to a belief system in the pancreas about “Life is too sweet”. All the joy at being top dog, doted on and pampered by her human, with no competition for the first time in her life were overwhelming: and the pancreas started dumping the excess sweetness as sugar into her blood. When I ask about Piccola’s diabetes a few weeks later, my client has completely forgotten that it was ever an issue: Piccola is perfectly fine.

Take Out the Trash!

At the end of a session this morning, a client ( L., Public Relations, 34 y/o ) asked me whether I could take a quick look at him because he had a sensation of being blocked that was bothering him. I scanned him and saw something I thought didn’t belong in the area of his spleen/pancreas area. I pulled it out, and he said he felt better, but still wasn’t quite right.I scanned him more thoroughly and noticed what appeared to me like a kind of energetic burr stuck in his throat. I told him I saw something in his throat, I and asked him if he felt like giving it to me.

“Sure”, he said, and I imagined him pulling it out of his own throat and placing it in my hand to throw out. He immediately started to exclaim and laugh out loud,

“Wow, just wow! and Wow! No way! I feel so light, and I want to dance, but I feel like a zombie, no, not a zombie, but my body is totally free and floaty!”

His wife next to him could do nothing but yawn helplessly and laugh. “That’s all right,” I explained, “you’re just helping him process”

.“What did you do?” he asked.

“Nothing,” said, “I just threw out the trash for you.”

“Wow, wow, and wow!” he repeated.

“You were ready to throw it out,” I explained, “You didn’t need it any more, and it had been kind of acting as an energetic cork in the bottleneck. Now things should flow better – let me know how it goes.”This afternoon my client’s wife called again, laughing almost too much to be able to speak. “You won’t believe this, it’s too crazy! Do you know those people who were being such a pain? Well, guess what? They called and all of a sudden they want to be friends! Can you believe it? Just hours after we did the session. Incredible! You guys are fantastic!”

To contact the author:

e-mail: [email protected]

How I Became An Energy Healer

This tells the story of why I was pretty sure that this weird energy medicine stuff was actually for real. Both of my parents are nuclear physicists, strong believers in the Hard Science of Measurable Facts. I grew up on a diet of advanced math at the dinner table and not-too-subtle hints that if I did not become at least a physicist, it would be a waste of a perfectly good mind (a mathematician would have been even better, as pure math is the purest thing around, though my parents recognised that mathematicians can be too abstract and idealistic, and thus impractical).

My first experience with energy medicine was a session of BodyTalk I had with the only BodyTalker in Italy at the time. I had looked him up on my sister’s recommendation: “I just had the strangest experience!” she gushed, “You’ll love it!” … She doesn’t gush about many things, I thought, so okay, let’s see what this is about. I read about the discipline online and liked what I read, so I called up Italy’s first BodyTalker and asked for a treatment.

Of course, the first thing he asked me was if there was anything specific I wanted to work on. I said, “Well, I have this ongoing MS problem, but right now the mosquitoes are really bothering me.” Over the course of 11 years of highly toxic immunomodulatory medication, I had developed a whole lot of new allergies, and my old allergies had worsened exponentially, to the point that a normal mosquito bit would swell up to 4 inches in diameter, with a little suppurating blister at the centre, which would weep serum and itch for 2 whole weeks. Most unpleasant. It was summer, and the mosquitoes, especially the tiny no-see-um’s, were out in force, making me dread the summer and the endless, inevitable sequence of bite – itch and suppurate for 2 weeks – a simultaneous flare of all my auto-immune stuff.So I had my session, over Skype, and it was the weirdest phone conversation I had ever had. The therapist muttered arcanities on the other end of the line, with zero exchange with me until it was done: “Section four, details, more specific, Body Chemistry, details, allergen, details, injected, details, more specific, mosquito…all right, let me know how it goes, and remember to drink lots of water.”

I was more than a little perplexed and worried that I had just thrown 70 thousand lire or whatever it was down the tubes. I didn’t feel any different, as far as I could tell, nor did I notice any change – until a few days later, when I realised that the mosquitoes were still biting me, but instead of the bites swelling up in that horrible, terrifying way they had been, the bit, would turn pink, itch a few minutes, and then DISAPPEAR! No exaggerated reaction, no nothing!

This was a huge change, and my only explanation was that it had to be the Skype session, and who cares what my parents would think. I remembered that the practitioner had mentioned that he was going to be teaching an introductory course at the end of the month at his house. I thought I’m there!

It was my first course in energy healing.

The Power of Observation

J. is a 31 year-old professional violin student, who had been suffering from shoulder, arm and hand pain for years, especially the left side. It hurt whenever she played and had gotten so bad that it hurt even just assuming the position to play the violin.

Playing the viola, with its more extreme extension and extra weight, was even worse. I was asking her about it, trying to understand what was going on (having studied violin and viola myself for many years helps!). It is a very asymmetrical, highly unnatural posture, and when combined with the emotional strain of studying in the cutthroat conservatory environment, the pain was only getting worse.

I asked her some questions about her pain: how long had it been going on? How strong was it, generally, on a scale from 1 to 10? Did it keep her from doing what she needed to do? Did it disturb her sleep, too? Was it constant, or only sometimes? In all positions, or worse in some positions? And what about her experience as the newbie at the conservatory? Did she get along with her professors? How did she feel about her classmates? Was it rough being the new kid on the block? And did she feel well-prepared by her previous training?Then I asked her how the pain was, right then. With an air of astonishment, she stretched out her arms, twisting them this way and that, moving her hands through their full range of motion – but there was NO PAIN!

What did you do??! She asked.Nothing, just looked at you, and observed the potential for healing… I know that’s an annoyingly woo-woo answer, but a lot of what we do is taking advantage of the capacity of observation to create change.That’s Einstein’s idea – and he was a violinist, too!To contact the author:FB Messenger to Julia Ballón(Italian, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese)

Immune Focus 2: Ear Infection

This is a true story of something that happened to my sister, who is a professional cellist. Her string quartet was due to play in a different part of the country over the weekend, but she found herself down with a bad ear-infection, and was terrorised at the idea of flying: she’d already had the experience of rupturing an eardrum, not pleasant.

She called me in Italy from New York for help. What we did was exactly the same technique as I am teaching in my 2-technique mini-webinar, an evolution of the technique that rid me of my mosquito allergy in the other story.

I coached her over the phone, and we both worked on her, she holding the hand positions for herself, I imagine I was doing the same from halfway across the globe. We could both feel the shifts strongly and we repeated the same technique several times, and my sister started to yawn, and yawn, and yawn, uncontrollably.

Suddenly her clogged ear unclogged, and she could hear/feel the stuff draining out. She immediately felt extremely tired, so we sent her to bed right away. She slept for 24 hours straight, she later told me, and woke up feeling perfectly fine.She was able to take her flight, ears completely free, and play her concert with no problem at all.

Tree Treatment

Two years ago in the Fall I was taking a walk near our house and saw an old oak tree that had been hit by lightning and had become hollow for large part of its trunk. Someone had sealed the exposed wood with pitch to prevent decay, but several limbs had been cut, probably to keep them from falling and blocking the road. The leaves were falling in any case in preparation for winter, but a couple of branches seemed dead, the leaves grey and dry, still hanging there since at least the preceding season. Trees in that condition are often considered dangerous for the buildings around them and felled. Nevertheless, the tree was still fighting: the bark was starting to grow back to close the scars, albeit without much success.

I decided I wanted to do a treatment for the tree, to see if we could keep it from being cut. It was lovely to connect with the oak, which seemed at first incredulous that anyone would pay it any attention. But I continued, renewing the flow of phloem and xylem, as well as energy in the living layer under the bark. I remembered the place to tap for plants, at the point where the tree emerges from the ground, where the trunk becomes roots, so that is what I did.

In Spring I went back to check on my tree. Amazingly, it was covered with tiny pale-green leaves, except for the two dead branches, which seemed even drier and more brittle next to the vital greenery surrounding them. And the scars where the limbs had been chopped were closing even further, with a few centimetres’ layers of new optimistic fresh bark.

It is now the following Summer and we were just taking a walk there. The lady in the house across the street from the old tree happened to be on her stoop taking the cool evening air, and I asked her if she knew the story of the hollow tree. “Ah, yes, that old tree!” she exclaimed, “it’s been lightning-struck at least twice, and yet look at it – I swear it grew another couple metres of leafy top this year. And we all thought it was practically dead! I don’t know what possessed it to grow that much new greenery this year.”

“If it was supposed to die, looks to me like it wanted none of it!” I agreed.

Immune Focus 3: Chronic Herpes

This is a story from one of my energy healing students, an American woman living in Italy, owns a small gym, aged 60. She took my brief course on techniques for basic health maintenance. At the end, we agreed in the class to do a month-long challenge to see what would happen if we did the maintenance routine every day for 28 days. I kept in touch with the class once a week or so to answer questions, to review the techniques, and to share stories. One of the stories was this one:

“This doesn’t usually come up in conversation, but I am so happy about this result that I have to share. I have had a chronic herpes infection for about 20 years. It doesn’t usually bother me, but under conditions of physical or emotional stress it comes out again, and it is a real nuisance. I wasn’t sure what would happen if I did this immune-focussing technique every day for a month, but I decided to try. Well, I imagined that a week or so of doing that technique every day would stir things up – so I was not surprised when a great big sore did show up. But this time I didn’t do what I would usually have done for a cold sore. I didn’t medicate it at all, just continued repeating the technique. And you know what happened? It healed, all by itself! And you know what I think? I don’t know if I just got rid of a chronic viral infection that has been latent in my system for years, but it doesn’t really matter to me: because if it DOES come back, I know exactly what to do to make it go away again! Isn’t that great? So empowering!” healing ability When I talked to her recently, she told me she has never stopped her 28-day challenge. She has continued to do that maintenance routine every day, because it gives her such a wonderful sense of control over her health and her life. She adds that whereas before doing the course, she averaged 8-10 outbreaks a year, after learning and performing the technique daily, the outbreaks reduced to 2-4 times a year and healed in half the time, without ever forming the full-grown blisters.

Testimonial on Existential Depression

A client (A., 47 y/o, cellist.), suffering from depression writes to me the day after our session:

– Hey!!! I had a full night’s sleep and woke up this morning feeling different. It took me a while to identify

—I am feeling hope!!!!!!!!! Not peace (which sometimes happens on a temporary basis) but actual hope. Wow. Can you send me a transcript of the session? I am afraid of losing this feeling

–how do I nurture hope, what do I do with it? It is such a foreign thing that I am lost-feeling, even though I know it is RIGHTLater she calls me:

– I just stopped yawning now

– no, I am still yawning– Excellent! I can send the notes, if you can make head or tail of them.– And right is polar to wrong, which is why it feels totally weird.

– Weird is ok. […]

– It is exactly what I wrote in my journal–so grateful you do what you do, are who you are […]– Isn’t that lucky?A few days later we talk again:

– Hi! How are you today?– I still exist!!!She describes doing exactly what she has always felt she ought to be doing […] – but for the first time in memory it was absolutely simple, natural, and the other rituals she had been cultivating to make a routine of it fell into place as they felt like it, with the creativity happening spontaneously interspersed among them.

Accunect in the Classroom

I wanted to share this story from a student of mine. She teaches kindergarten, and one of her kids was having a hard time keeping calm and not fighting with one of his classmates. She ended up doing M/F Brain on both kids, the result being that the tussle calmed itself. She asked the kids how they felt when things had calmed down, and the first kid shrugged and said he didn’t feel any different, while the other grinned and said he felt better. My student just smiled and continued the day.

A month or so later, another kid was having a meltdown in the classroom, and the first boy came to his teacher and whispered, “why don’t you do that thing you did to help me calm down that time?” She smiled at him and said, “so it DID help you!” “…Well, yeah, I guess so…”

How Leonardo Introduced Me to Homeotoxicology

When I first met Leonardo I was not sure what being a ‘guaritore’, or ‘naturopata’ meant in his case, or what this had to do with being a Zen monk. I have met many who say they are healers, but either the effect is so subtle and tenuous that I don’t notice anything, or maybe they are just not very good. There are some modalities and practitioners I know and trust, because I knew what they do and I know it works. But here was someone who used totally different methods from my own (as well as some things that were very similar to what I knew), and a slew of methods I had never even heard of. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and here I want to share my experience.

One of the things that I enjoy most about working with Leonardo is that while we share our basic approach to healing, we have very different formations, so that often when we work together I will get to a certain point and then the session will pass to him, because the person needs some technique that Leo knows but I don’t.

One of these things that Leonardo knows but with which I have little experience is homeopathy. I had encountered classical Hahnemannian homeopathy before, but Leonardo introduced me to homeotoxicology, and the remedies created by Dr. Reckeweg.

Leonardo and I share a fondness for things that work fast, directly, and efficiently, and these remedies are all that. I had symptoms that had been getting worse over a decade, which the allopathic doctors had informed me would keep worsening, requiring supplementation to restore function. Then after a certain point, “we’ll just take it out” – several doctors proposed this in I felt inappropriately cheerful tones. I could recognise a pattern of disease I had already seen in my mother and in other women, and I preferred NOT to go the same road…Leonardo proposed a homeotoxicological treatment. I was dubious, seeing that the remedies are prescribed according to the symptoms presented but without taking into account all the details that a Hahnemannian diagnosis would, but I was honestly and pleasantly surprised.

In only a couple of weeks my symptoms had improved dramatically, to disappear entirely over a couple of months. Leonardo changed the therapy to reflect the new situation, dropped a couple of remedies and kept another, to phase out even the last one after a few months. I was amazed that the remedies worked so definitively in a question of days.

As the situation changed Leo gave me a different remedy to support my system (I have been anaemic for years, never found a very satisfactory iron supplement).

No heavy hormone therapy, no stomach upset from inappropriate supplementation – and no bothersome symptoms, or worry about inevitably having to face major surgery!

I must say that my quality of life has improved substantially. I notice improved energy levels, and a more manageable cycle – now there is only one day that is harder to manage, and even so I am able to do a fair amount anyway, not being forced to stay at home any more. I have not been examined yet, but I am curious to see what the medical doctors have to say. It would be nice to be an anomalous statistic in this area too!

And I am glad to be spared the same evolution of dysfunction my mother experienced, not to be helplessly in that same chute as dictated by “genetics” or “familiarity”.

So thank you Leonardo, and bless Dr. Reckeweg too.

Immune Focus 4: Accunect for Covid-19

Hi Grace, I am feeling better!

Last Sat. I felt a change – like things got ‘lighter” inside of me. This past week many of my symptoms started to ease. most notably head congestion and headaches. Taste and smell are slowly beginning to return. I still have fatigue – it’s weird. A heaviness comes over my eyes and my head and I have to close my eyes and lie down. Last night I was really congested again, and I thought that Covid was trying to make a ‘last stand’. This was the first morning though, my headache was tolerable, and the heaviness around m eyes feels a bit lifted!

Fascinating when I do the exercise you sent me, what comes up. The other day was about letting go of running [the school]. I still want to teach, and love teaching, but it was good to see how I need to let go of being overly responsible for [it].Thank you for sending me positive and productive vibes! I am grateful for all the help I can get!

Big hugs and much love, D (Director of a Music School)

Weaning Off Allergies

I was diagnosed with MS in 1993.

I followed the advice of my doctors for 11 years, head doctors at the most cutting-edge research hospitals in North America, prescribing the most advanced treatments in known to Western medicine.

The problem is that over 11 years of immunomodulatory drugs and cortisone I kept getting more and more allergic to more and more things, and more and more auto-immune, until I was allergic even to apples and pears (besides all bony fish, all dairy, mangoes, all stone fruits, spinach, amaranth…).Luckily for me when I was pregnant I met a wonderful midwife who showed me a different way to take care of my health, a totally different holistic approach. I was very worried about passing my allergies on to my child.

Our midwife explained that just as a child needs to construct the microbiome, the ecosystem of micro-organisms in and around his body to be able to digest his food properly, so I could do the same – re-constructing mine, and re-constructing my health in the process.

To accomplish this, while I was weaning my son, we basically weaned the whole family. We all ate the same way. We decided to follow his dentition to figure out what his digestive system was ready to handle: nothing but milk until he cut his first teeth, then nothing but vegetables and cereals (without gluten) until he had at least one canine. We were very careful to introduce only one new food every few days, to see whether he had any strange reactions.It was a bizarre way to eat for many months: at first, only one kind of fruit at a time, then adding foods very slowly, one at a time, for months. I remember eating only blueberries for the first week and then only millet with carrots, then millet with carrots and celery, then rice with vegetable broth, etc. for months and months until his first canine broke through the gum. And even then, we started very slowly, beginning with animal proteins of animals as different from human beings as possible. The first animal protein he had was a chicken egg, the first meat sautéed duck (a Chinese recipe – what a treat!) and no pork until he was maybe 3, along with bovine milk. Anyway, to this day my son has no allergies or intolerances. He hardly ever gets sick, one or two days, twice a year (Spring and Fall, when the season change – if that). He is not vaccinated either.

At any rate, I started writing about this because, by the time my son was eating normal food, I had rid myself of all my crazy allergies. Success! That means I had reconstructed a functioning microbiome, which allows me to absorb a lot more nutrients from my food than before – a partial explanation of why I am enjoying much better energy than before. I still have some trouble with gluten, dairy, soy, and some mushrooms – but my inclination is to think that these are not really meant as food anyway. That is a very provocatory statement, I know, but modern wheat has become more and more poisonous the more stuff we do to its genome, and dairy as far as I am concerned is baby food for babies of different non-human species. But I seem to be fine with everything else – and I haven’t had an episode of MS since. My son is now 18.

It Works!

This client doesn’t say what we were working on, but while working together she was able to find love – and was very happy about it.

To contact the author:

tel. +39 339 867 6966

e-mail: [email protected]

Teaching Testimonial

“I had the pleasure of meeting Grace during one of the courses we attended together as students, though she was ahead of me in her studies and had already been working as a therapist for a bit longer than I.

What I noticed in her, apart from her vast knowledge and general culture, is her natural propensity for teaching. Not all people have this talent.

She knows how to convey even difficult concepts with an incredible naturalness, making them understandable for anyone. Her method is based on simplicity, and she is always very helpful, kind and humble.

Thanks to her, I was able to understand even difficult subjects better, and also was able to let myself go with my imagination.

Working with her gave me the courage to do things that earlier would have seemed too bizarre!

All of this has given me great enthusiasm, because what she transmits to her students also makes us feel so much better.”

From F.S., Healer, 42 y/o.


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