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Our Modalities

We use a wide variety of modalities in our treatments, integrated seamlessly into your session, in the precise order that your organism requires. These may include:

ACCUNECT (Don Ka'imi Pilipovich). Firmly rooted in Classical Chinese Medicine, Accunect is the all-encompassing approach to Chinese medicine developed by Don Ka'imi Pilipovich, distance energy healing that unites principles of quantum physics with modern biomedicine. Like Tongren, it treats the physical body and functions through the subtle bodies - even at a distance, through a spiritual yet pragmatic, time-proven approach. Unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC), Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) has not been conditioned by Maoist/materialistic ideology. In fact, Classical Chinese Medicine includes the spiritual (Shen) level, which affords the greatest leverage for change on all planes, subtle and physical. A tiny fluctuation on the Shen level will effect a cascade of change on mental, emotional, physical levels, as well as in the context of environmental systems: family, professional, religious, social, etc. Accunect takes into account a huge breadth of information, considering all levels of the human being. For further information, visit accunect.com.

ACUPRESSURE (Classical Chinese tradition). Various acupressure techniques, including 'One-Needle' and 'fractal' treatments.

AYURVEDIC PULSOLOGY – ETIOLOGY (Classical Indian tradition). The ancient Indian science of well-being and medicine. Reading the pulses provides impressive insight into a person's state of health, and the body's capacity to resist and react to illness.

BIO-GEOMETRY (Ibrahim Karim). Based on a Physics of form, BioGeometry uses the subtle energy principles of geometric form to introduce natural balance to the different energy-qualities found in any living system. Extremely useful for increasing the harmony of spaces and neutralising the damaging effects of environmental Electromagnetic radiation on the individual.

BODYTALK (John Veltheim). BodyTalk is the synthesis of a great number of ancient and modern healing modalities, drawing elements from Eastern and Western cultures. BodyTalk is the precursor of Accunect, and has several techniques useful for working with groups and complex energies.

CRANIOSACRAL AUSCULTATION (Mike Boxhall). Using the energetic 'tides' and the synergy of the various rhythms of the fluids in the body, it tunes them precisely. This exceptional system operates at a level underlying and precedent to all dis-ease before it manifests as illness, working to heal the very root of our basic health. It is relaxing and effective like anything else.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (Gary Craig). Uses a series of rhythmic tappings on various meridian points in order to effect distinct changes on both energetic and emotional levels.

FAMILY SYSTEMS CONSTELLATIONS (Bert Hellinger). Influenced by the conflict-resolution techniques practiced by the Zulu tribes, Hellinger's Family Constellation therapy allows individuals within a troubled system to release tension in their situation through the spatial rearrangement of figures representing the elements in the system. Changing their physical position induces change also in the energy configuration. Sometimes verbal acknowledgement of the new situation is used to cement the change.

GESTALT (Fritz Perls). A serene, respectful approach to the psyche, gaining access through our most vivid state of presence.

HEALING BREATH (Inoue Muhen). A technique that Zen monk Inoue Muhen received in a dream and shared with his fellow monks, and then with laypeople. Leonardo Anfolsi learned it directly from Muhen himself, and integrates it with other kinds of breath techniques, following the instruction of Masters such as G. Kremmerz.

MATRIX ENERGETICS (Richard Bartlett). A method of energy healing penetrating the client's bioelectric field.

MINDSCAPE (Kris Attard). MindScape is the basis of the mental techniques presented in MindMastery. Offering an interface to understand the universe through the mind.

RADIONICS (André de Bélizal - Benoytosh Bhattacharyya - Giuseppe Callegari - Léon Chaumery - Pierluigi Ighina - Nikola Tesla ). The new science of corporeal, energetic, and mental frequencies, and how to produce and/or implement them with special machines. All new evolutions of 20th-century inventions, these machines help reestablish our functional equilibrium: 1. Pulsed photon emanator; 2. Bioelectric strength stimulator; 3. Square wave frequency emanator. Some of these machines can procure noticeable change after only a few minutes of use.  

RPT - Rapid Personal Transformation (Simon Rose). RPT is the application of the latest in Epigenetic theory: we know that trauma induces a change in an individual's genetic expression, which then is passed down through the family line. Coping mechanisms developed in order to survive the original trauma are passed down as well. These consume energy to keep in place, rendering certain original resources unavailable to the trauma survivor and his whole genetic line. Thus symptoms appearing in a client today may be traceable to a trauma generations in the past. The aim of RPT is to resolve past trauma and to reintegrate all the resources that were lost in that moment, so as to have them back and fully available today.

REFLEXOLOGY. Classic reflexology techniques, as practiced on ear, foot, hand and spinal points.

"SEGNATURE" (Traditional). A corpus of ancient shamanic hand gestures and rituals used in rural Italy, derived from practices of the Benandanti, the Cathars and the Bogumils, integrated with Buddhist and other shamanic rituals practiced in the Orient. All over Italy, the most experienced medical doctors, those with the broadest cultural backgrounds, send their shingles patients to be "segnati," well aware that the standard medical treatments in these cases are often useless, while 2 or 3 visits to the simple village healer is often all it takes.

ZEN NAIKAN (Zen Rinzai tradition / Hakuin Ekaku). Physical and energetic exercises combined with meditation techniques to stimulate an enormous increase in concentration, resilience and self-healing abilities.


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