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Why Do People Get Sick?

Whom We Help

We help almost anyone in need, but we are particularly specialised in these areas:

Active Multiple Sclerosis

Find out how to stop your decline, and protect yourself from the worst aspects of this potentially very harmful disease and its standard therapies.

Autoimmune Disorders

Clear emotional trauma and toxicity to get your immune system and physiology aligned with your life purpose once again.

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Vaccine Damage

Cleanse your system of physical toxins, repair cellular damage, and rebuild your strength to recover from vaccines so that your derailed physiology can get your life back on track. 

Spiritual Seekers

Align your earthly existence with your spiritual mission so that you can enjoy the rich satisfaction of fulfilling your destiny in this life.

If our systems are designed so that we are always supposed to be in perfect health, and yet that is clearly not the case, what is going wrong?

It is true that we have a truly amazing system that takes care of millions and millions of functions every second to keep us alive in the first place, which means that there are millions and millions of processes that are working perfectly, going RIGHT, implicated in the mere fact that our systems are able to control them beautifully.

Yet sometimes we don’t feel so well, and sometimes we can get dangerously ill – why is that? What happens? And why do some people get sick and others not?

Think about it this way: our systems are extremely sophisticated and extremely sensitive, and even though they can handle a lot of different stressful situations, all of these situations take energy to deal with.

Energy. What is that? Here is the problem, brace yourself:

Energy comes from what we eat, and from getting enough rest, and from getting sunlight and breathing good air and having rewarding personal relationships, work you are enthusiastic about … Feeling that you have a reason to live – means that you are welcomed and “connected with everything” – is of vital importance.

Unfortunately, that is a lot to ask for a lot of people in our modern life. Often we work too much, or the food we eat is depleted, or too junky to start with (and we know that, but eat it anyway for some reason), and we spend all day inside working so much that we never see the sun or get any fresh air at all. Let alone the quality of our relationships, or our work.

But there are many more sources of stress than these. In your environment, you may have:

– Electromagnetic radiation: microwave ovens, cel phones and cel towers, now being upgraded to 5G from 3, then 4, now 5, 6, 7, ??? who knows for how many generations?– Environmental pollution: pesticides, motor exhaust

– Monsanto’s glyphosate, used on everything from GMO agriculture to your neighbor’s lawn, runs off into the groundwater and all waterways – in fact there is an interesting study from MIT on areas where there is most glyphosate pollution either as runoff or as biodiesel exhaust (think diesel trucking routes, and airports) and their co-presence with areas heavily affected by the modern Covid plague

– Geopathic stress from energy lines in the earth (Curry and Hartmann lines, or underground water, or radon gas …)

– Toxins introduced via vaccination injections. The whole purpose of a vaccine is to solicit an immune response, originally assumed to be against the infectious agent the vaccine is for. The trouble is that to produce a reaction reliably, all sorts of other antigens have been added to vaccines as ‘adjuvants’ – which I won’t go into, but they are included because they are so toxic that they are almost guaranteed to produce an effect even in the most immune-suppressed subject.

All of these sources of stress take energy to handle. And at a certain point there is not enough energy to go around, and BOOM! Something breaks, and we get sick. It is not correct to blame ourselves: best to consider the accumulation of concauses, and then we have the famous straw that breaks the camel’s back. How soon this happens depends on how much stress we are under, and how strong we are. (You'll have seen the video of the mama bear struggling to get her four cubs across the street? That puts her under considerable stress, too.)

So what can we do to defend ourselves?

We can approach the problem from two ends: reducing the amount of stress affecting us, or strengthening ourselves.

Since those are two HUGE areas to look at, they are also the focus of most of our work.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you handle your stress and increase your strength, we’d be very happy to talk with you.


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